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  • Wallet On The Snare Drum

    · By Reva Hansen

    Most experienced drummers probably know this trick, but if you’re a beginner then it may be a helpful tip for you. If you’re ever struggling to get your snare drum to sound good, and you’ve tried everything else, place your wallet on top of the snare. More often than not, this will solve your problem. Now, I can’t guarantee this, but I know it’s worked for me. However, it may depend on your wallet size and weight, as well other indeterminate factors. But if you have a pretty average size wallet (such as our Buck wallet), with an average amount...

  • Winding Wheel Supply Co - Kenny Bozich

    · By Mike Lewis

    The year was 2008. We (Emery) were all grizzled old men just trying to make a living on the road, and we were invited on tour with a band called The Almost. They were becoming quite popular and were making waves in the Rock/Christian-Rock scene. The frontman was Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) and despite being a great singer and guitar player, he was an even better drummer. However, he wasn’t playing drums. This cool-looking kid with long blondish hair that could’ve been Toby’s son was playing drums, and he was phenomenal. Guess what - that kid was you! How old were...