The Beggining

Matt & Toby are members of the band Emery who was once World Famous, but then became a little less World Famous, maybe more like Famous in Most of US and One City in Mexico. Then they started a podcast called The BadChristian Podcast that is all about growing up with weird Christian bullshit and making fun of mega pastors and got kind of World Famous again, but then a little less so over time but still doing pretty good.

The Matt & Toby Big Show is kind of like if you got to come hang out on Emery’s tour bus back in the old Van’s Warped Tour days. What you hear on this “podcast” is basically what it would be like if you walked on to the tour bus and there are different characters and wild people but sometimes the people that come on are boring but sometimes they bring you herbal gifts that’s this podcast.


The Big Show with Matt & Toby

We can’t call it a tour bus because that wouldn’t make sense but even if Matt & Toby didn’t have a podcast for everyone to hear they do still own a tour bus and they would just go sit on there and talk a whole lot anyways. Matt likes science and is smart but probably not as smart as his brain tells him and Toby used to be fat and that’s why he is funny. Welcome to our world it’s very fun.