· By Toby Morrell

The Fireworks Battle

I love fireworks. I love fire and lights! I always have. There is only one, tiny problem with my relationship with exploding things - I love to push the limits of what you do with them.  When I was a kid, my dad, my brother, and I almost burnt down our neighbors yard by shooting a massive amount of bottle rockets everywhere. But you know how hard it is respecting other people’s property sometimes, right? So that leads me to the story where I burnt a giant hole in Devin’s backpack while on tour...with a bottle rocket...in our van with ten guys... riding down the highway at 70 miles per hour.

We were on an acoustic tour with the bands Surrogate and Ruth. It was a short run so we decided just to do it in our fifteen passenger van, rather than renting a big ole, stupid bus.  Now this was early  summer and July 4th was drawing near. All of the bands were kind of caravaning and following each other. We would make fuel stops together and at one stop there was a fireworks store. Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!!! Twenty band dudes tried to nonchalantly walk into a fireworks store and casually peruse the huge assortment of explosive supplies. Now remember, we are nowhere near our homes.

Where would we shoot these fireworks safely? Hmm? I don’t know?

Needless to say that stopped no one. Twenty minutes later, five hundred dollars worth of fireworks were bought between the bands and we were headed for the show...and the after show.

That night after the show in Joplin, Missouri, was one of the most intense and fun nights I have ever had in my life.  It was about midnight and everyone from the show, including the venue staff had left. There were only our three vans with trailers parked across the parking lot. So as expected, we decided to have a firework war.

I know stories get exaggerated, but what I’m about to tell you is the absolute truth. We started by shooting a couple of bottle rockets into the air. Then we laughingly shot a couple of Roman Candles at one of the vans. Suddenly, a couple of shots were fired back. We were dying laughing. That all changed when under the mask of smoke, I saw one of the guys running and shooting directly at us.  ALL. HELL. BROKE. LOOSE.

Dudes were running everywhere, shooting in every direction - bottle rockets, roman candles, M-80s, smoke bombs, hoosker doos, hoosker donts, you name it and it was being fired. Everyone got hit at least once and just laughed, then kept pounding the opposing bands. I have never seen that much smoke or been in such a loud and intense fire fight!

How the cops didn’t show up I will never know.  The battle lasted about thirty minutes and would go down as a legendary tour story.

Getting to lives our lives and create amazing memories is one of the main reasons we started BC Supply. We want to make products that can be lived in. Clothing and products that make you look and feel great, while you make a million memories all over this world.

But I still need to tell you how I shot a bottle rocket into Devin’s brand new backpack.

To Be Continued…