· By Toby Morrell

How To Blow A Massive Hole In Your Friend's Backpack

So if you read the previous story 'The Fireworks Battle', you will remember that we bought a ton of fireworks.  Even after the thirty minute battle, we still had fireworks leftover. When? Where? How could we use the rest?

Well, we decided it would be hilarious and fairly safe to light smoke bombs in the van. Turns out that it was really funny. One time, Josh wanted to go find Vegetarian food and dropped us all off at Wendy’s. As we closed the door, we lit an orange smoke bomb, threw it in, and closed the door without him realizing it. As he drove away orange smoke poured out of all the open windows!

After lighting several smoke bombs in the van later that day, the joke lost it’s allure and we needed a new high. That’s when we got the idea to light a bottle rocket, drop it, and see what happened. It was amazing! One second you’re sitting there just riding down I-10 bored out of your mind and the next second a bottle rocket is screaming past your face. Now this was pushing the limits.

What if it got caught in your clothes? Happened.

What if it hit our eyes! Cover your eyes, man.

What if it shot under a bench and set the carpet on fire? Happened, but minimal damage.

What is I shot one days later when know one was expecting it? Well that’s how Devin’s new backpack caught on fire.

A day or two had passed without incident and so I thought it would be the perfect time to light us up! As I lit the bottle rocket, it began to fly and swoosh all around the van. We all laughed until it went straight for Devin’s backpack that held his computer and other belongings. It hit that backpack and stuck right too it. The smell of burning nylon filled the air. Devin did his best to put it out, but when the smoke cleared, there was a giant hole in his backpack.

So here’s the tricky part. Was that my fault? I mean we’d all agreed to take the chance? Was I now obligated to purchase Devin a new $75 backpack?  

Probably. But man did I not want to tell my wife that!  “Hey honey!, Yep, tour’s going well! The guys are good, but Devin actually had a little accident but he’s alright. Well, I shot a firework at him and we have to buy him a new backpack.” Not gonna happen.

Now I went to searching. Devin’s backpack was new and it was expensive. I figured there might be warranty. I searched and searched the internet and sure enough I found the warranty and it covered the normal wear and tear. (Let’s just pretend that a giant hole in your backpack is normal wear and tear.) The Lord saved me! We went to the next store we could find and Devin returned his backpack and got an even better one.

I honestly think he owes me, but I’ll let it go.

So I learned that day that paying for quality gets you quality. We only sell things we can put our name behind at BC Supply because we want you to trust us and because we want you to feel cared for in all of life’s situations...even a friend shooting an explosive at your face.