· By Toby Morrell

Coffee - The Good and the Bad

I have to have coffee. It’s a must. Living in Seattle did it to me. It’s the delicious way to start the day. But I need GOOD coffee. I used to drink, well, I used to drink shitty coffee. To tell you the truth, it was awful. I just thought you buy the cheapest grounds, throw them in an old coffee pot you bought for twenty nine cents at a garage sale, and voila - delicious coffee. Well that’s what I thought the chain coffee shops in Seattle tasted like. A punch in the face.I thought coffee had to taste like it might kill you to be considered good. Then I had a friend change my world with just a few simple words...

"Coffee can taste really good. Just get great beans and use a french press" - Josh Head Keyboardist and dancer for Emery.

Umm, excuse me, whaaat? That was the secret? Now I know you might be a coffee snob and know a million different things about blends and beans, but I just wanted a smooth cup of Joe. We were on the road all of the time and I just wanted some consistency. I wanted a little of home right there on our bus. It’s tough being away from everything normal and it’s nice to wake up to at least one thing familiar when you’re traveling. So we started brewing our own coffee. We bought an electric kettle and a French Press and haven’t looked back!

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. Ten years ago I didn’t know about Spotted Cow Coffee. I found out about Spotted Cow a couple of years back through some friends. This coffee is just amazing. It’s smooth and delicious and has been my go to coffee for a while now. And now we are collaborating with a company called Methodical Coffee from our hometown Greenville, SC on a new blend. We want each of our coffee blends to have a unique flavor that can be consumed straight or with a little cream and sugar.

Times have changed and so has coffee. We want to embrace the new while holding hands with the old. I still love consistency with certain things. I need the right pillow to sleep on, I need Merino wool socks, and I definitely need a great cup of coffee to get the wheels moving first thing in the morning.