Spring ’22 Challenge: May 6th - July 13th

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Why we started the challenge


The KBx is a motivation management tool for misfits and fuckups that shapes our habits and builds environments to help better manage the discomfort of breaking out of our comfort zones. By accepting this challenge we are committing to a daily routine for 10 weeks.

The goal is to create a healthy environment that challenges personal growth, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at each participant's level of comfort and commitment. While we expect that we will experience some failures, we commit to having compassion for ourselves and to begin again after every setback.


The path to your future self is paved with the X’s that symbolize keeping your commitments and closing the loops that you open.

Through this practice you will build trust with your future self.

10 minutes at prayer, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, spiritual practice.

This is what you intend to mindfully avoid each day while you are in this mode of heightened awareness.

45 minutes of workout. This can look different for each person, but the point here is 45 focused minutes of pushing yourself physically.

10 minutes of reading focused acquiring new knowledge. This can be books, audio books, articles, but needs to be knowledge that you seek and not a result of passive browsing.

10 minutes of focused practice at a developing skill. This can be a musical instrument, calligraphy, typing words per minute, memory training, juggling, etc. Just choose something you want to get better at. The 690 minutes you invest over the course of this challenge should cause noticeable results.

5 minutes of active creation. More than 5 is great if you gain any momentum or flow, but just do at least 5 focused minutes of output in writing, music composition, drawing, design, etc. The minimum activity would be journaling or capturing stream of consciousness.

Team-based Competitive League

Structured small group competition with a mixture of cooperative and competitive elements. If your goals are to push yourself to experience a new level of personal performance in a team environment while winning cool prizes along the way, this option is for you!

Learn more about what it would mean to be on a team

Self-Directed Intramural Individual Participant League

Choose this option if you’re looking to better moderate your behavior and build trust with yourself by giving your best effort daily and simply committing to track that progress across the length of the challenge.

Learn more about what it would mean to be self-directed

Join Today

Each week will have two unique personal and/or group challenges (one based in physical challenge, one based in mental challenge.) This is a way to gain bonus X's either for your team or for yourself.

Skin in the Game

To increase our motivation we need skin in the game. To participate you will put up $50. For those who complete the challenge to the end, regardless of X's gathered, you can reclaim the $50 you put up for motivation, or you may tip your payment forward to the challenge to pay for expenses and portions going to charity.