· By Toby Morrell

Why did we start BC Supply?

We all grew up in the small town of Greer, South Carolina. Now you probably have never heard of Greer, but I want to tell it was a Mecca for fashion and quality apparel. Well, except the opposite of that plus warehouse superstores that sold things like a bundle of ten pairs of socks, plus 1 free pair thrown in for $6.99.

We were never taught that clothing mattered or that it could be something worth your time and effort. We weren’t poor but we weren’t rich either. Clothing was just a necessity. We were told to wear what our parents picked out for us and that was good enough. So we thought that was normal. At different times we all felt uncomfortable and awkward in our cheap clothes but we thought that it was just the way it is.

But touring around the world and meeting new people changes everything. We realized quickly that people in other states and other countries would spend $70 on a shirt or $120 on a pair of jeans. We learned that people spent time on the way they looked because it was empowering and made them feel great. Coming from a small town where clothes never mattered it was a huge change. It almost felt wrong. But then we all sort of collectively realized something when one day Josh, who is the king of fashion and trends, said something in an offhanded, funny comment that stuck to us like glue.

If you look good, then you feel good. And if you feel good, then look out!

One of the biggest lessons we have learned from traveling and touring the world is that we can give ourselves permission to look good and feel great. That feeling is more than a number on a sales tag. It’s a way of life.  

That’s why we started BC Supply. We want to help you give yourself permission to look and feel great.